Randy's PDR guarantees the dent repair services for as long as you own your vehicle.  We will repair at no charge any subsequent reappearance of dents originally repaired in the absence of additional accidents, misuse or neglect. **

Note to Insurers: Reduce auto claims severity, increase customer satisfaction!

Randy's Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) will nearly eliminate your filing of minor dent claims because the repair cost is less than most deductible amounts. You'll be a hero to your customers when they find out how their minor dents, door dings, and hail damage can be removed the same day, at a low cost, while keeping their original finish intact! You'll gain increased customer satisfaction, reduced claims expense and your customers will receive superior repairs at a less cost. Call us today at 317-439-2109 to see how easy it is to reduce your claims expense here.

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Make an appointment or stop by today to allow a Randy's PDR qualified technician to make your car look like new.  Call us at 317-439-2109 to increase the value of your car.

*Our minimum charge for any retail work done and completed to satisfaction is $75

**This is not a money back guarantee.  Since the reappearance of dents is very rare we will assess the reappearance and complete the work at no additional charge.  If work is not completed to satisfaction at the time of the repair payment will not be demanded.

***Wholesalers and Car dealers can qualify for volume discounts.

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  Low Cost Same Day :: Minor Dent Removal

Randy's  PDRwill make your car look like new!

Randy's PDR  removes dents and door dings without paint leaving your original finish like new increasing your vehicle's value.

You will save Money!

It's very inexpensive.  The average repair costs from $85 to $250 depending upon the number, size and severity of the dents.  For Hail Damage repair we can sometimes save part or all of your deductible or provide an out of pocket estimate at a competitive price.

We will come to your home, business or wherever your Automobile, SUV or Truck is parked to make the repairs.  The more panels that are repaired the more money you save!*



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